Six Ways You Can Help Make Desi Martinez our next Texas House of Representative.
1. Friends to Friends
Send postcards with a pre-printed endorsement message to your friends and family. We will have a packet with instructions and postcards.
2. Host a Coffee
Host a gathering at your home or office so Desi can meet your friends, neighbors, and family. Call the HQ to arrange a time and date. We can also help by printing and mailing invitations to the voters in your neighborhood / precinct.
3. Car Pool to Vote
Drive some friends and family to an early voting site to vote for Desi. Call us for campaign literature to share with your friends.
4. Walk your Neighborhood
Follow Desi's footsteps by walking your block or neighborhood. Call us for campaign literature and take note of who supports Desi and let us know so we may send you a thank you note and Election Day reminder. You can also join Desi and other walkers every Saturday at 9:30 am and Sunday at 12:30 pm to walk top Precincts.
5. Phone Tree
Draw up a list of your friends and family who support Desi. Let us know who they are so we may send them a thank you note. During Early Voting and on Election Day, call to remind everyone on your list to vote.
6. Money. No gift is too small.
Mail your gift to Desi Martinez Campaign, P.O. Box 23644, San Antonio, TX 78223
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To be a part of Desi Martinez’s campaign journey, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you very soon:
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